National Committee

The SfGH National Committee comprises students from across the UK who help facilitate the functioning of the network. They are elected annually by the Students for Global Health network at the Spring General Assembly and meet at least four times a year, as well as at Students for Global Health Conferences and General Assemblies.

If you would like to get in touch with anyone see below for more information about each individual member and their contact details. If you’re unsure of whom to contact, email our Secretary on and they will forward your query to the appropriate person. You can also use the contact us form.

National Director – Lucy Singh

Director of International Affairs – Isaac Florence

Director of Branch Affairs – Iain Doig

Director of Finance – Kamila Karimjee

Communications Director – Jérémie Juan

Global Health Education Director – Sana Hasan

Policy and Advocacy Director – Andrew Hay

Training Director – Hari McGrath

Secretary – Harpreet Kaur

National Exchange Officer (incoming) – Chaitra Dinesh

National Exchange Officer (outgoing) – Hamza Ejaz

National Officer for Research Exchange (outgoing) – Dylan Goh

National Officer for Research Exchange (incoming) – Sarah Sobka

Affiliates Coordinator – Lizzie Westwood

South-East Regional Coordinator – Caitlin Pley

South-West Regional Coordinator – Cary Tang

Midlands Regional Coordinator – Archie Bekenov

Northern Regional Coordinator – Aditi Babel

Scotland and Northern Ireland Regional Coordinator – Megan Gurney


The former Students for Global Health National Committees will be listed here

National Committee 2017/18