What are exchanges?
The International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA) offers the largest and oldest medical student exchange programme in the world, with over 13,000 exchanges happening every year.

Exchanges are an equitable and fun way for medical students to experience different healthcare systems across the world. They are 4 week long placements and can either be clinical, through the Standing Committee on Professional Exchange (SCOPE), or research, through the Standing Committee on Research Exchange (SCORE). Due to the nature of an ‘exchange’, this model promotes equity in opportunities for students, both economically and educationally. It is different to our traditional electives where often only the UK student benefits from experience abroad, as the exchange means the student from overseas also has the chance to experience a different healthcare system by coming to the UK on exchange for 4 weeks.   

How does Students for Global Health fit into this?
We are the national member organisation (NMO) of the IFMSA. Currently, 101 national member organizations offer exchanges, and Students for Global Health is the organisation through which all exchanges for students in the UK happen.

Branches currently offering exchanges


  • Nottingham
  • HYMS


  • Newcastle

Normally in order to go on exchange, you need to be at a branch or university offering exchanges. If your branch isn’t listed above, why don’t you try to set up the programme at your university? Drop us an email to find out more.

However, we are offering a handful of students from ANY medical school in the UK to go on an exchange, from April 2020 onwards. For more information click here and to apply, click here. Deadline is on the 6th of October 2019.

Read about what UK students have got up to on their exchanges here!

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National Exchanges Team

Check out our national exchange team here

Useful links

IFMSA exchanges website
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