Policy and Advocacy Director

Rhiannon Osbrone


Hi, I’m Rhiannon, a 4th year medic at Cambridge and I’ll be the policy and advocacy director for Students for Global health 2020/2021. I first got interested in global health through studying the sociology of health and joining my local SfGH branch. Since then, I’ve been involved in SfGH locally and internationally, and worked for a number of global health organisations at different levels. I’m incredibly excited about our coordinated theme this year on Climate Change and Health, and for us to work across all branches to be vocal advocates for climate and health justice. Through the political engagement strategy, I’m also excited to help branches and members influence policy and decision-making at all levels, with a focus on implementing the calls to action of our policy documents, and responding to the most pressing health issues of our time. By the end of the year, I want all members to feel like they know how to engage in meaningful advocacy and create change on the issues they care about.

Bylaw mandated responsibilities:

1.4.5. Policy & Advocacy Director Creating, developing and using Students for Global Health policy – ensuring the network has a strong position on global health issues. Ensuring Students for Global Health is represented in decision making at local, national and international level. Coordinate the national Advocacy Team who will organise actions, events and grassroots training. Encourage international activism – promote advocacy with our international partners, which could include the chance to attend the IFMSA conference(s) and organising the UK delegations activism. Ensure that there are opportunities for workshops and training on relevant topics.