Affiliates Coordinator

Beth Stinchcombe


I am Beth, a medical student at the University of Warwick and I am the affiliates coordinator for 2020/2021. I first got involved with Students for Global Health in 2016 when I was studying Human Sciences at UCL. I have been involved with SfGH locally and internationally and I am really excited to be part of the national committee this year and get involved with all of the amazing projects we have planned! Students for Global Health is a collective movement, working together to inspire and facilitate change and I am always inspired by the energy and passion SfGH members have for various global health topics. Affiliates (see the Affiliates section of the website if you’re not sure who they are!) are a central part of this. These groups of inspiring young people are incredibly successful in educating, advocating for and acting on specific global health issues and I am very excited to work alongside them this year in order to develop a stronger and more connected network which thinks globally, acts locally.

Bylaw mandated responsibilities:

1.4.4. Affiliates Coordinator Be responsible for supporting activity on a national and local basis. Act as point of contact to support Affiliates that are being set up. Coordinate the Affiliates Board. Ensure that the Affiliates Board is kept up-to-date with Students for Global Health- UK business and vice versa. Verbally contact each Affiliate Coordinator 3 times per year. Carry out an Affiliate Coordinator’s satisfaction survey at least annually and disseminate the results. Update the Affiliate report template and ensure that Affiliate report forms are completed by all Affiliate Lead Coordinators annually. Investigate Affiliates in conjunction with interested parties, and if deemed necessary by vote of the Students for Global Health National Committee, offer support for re-establishing the Affiliate. Co-ordination and overall implementation of Students for Global Health support. Represent all Affiliates to the rest of the National Committee. Represent Students for Global Health UK to Affiliates when required