Training Director

Antonis Tofias

“As you set out for Ithaka

hope the voyage is a long one,

full of adventure, full of discovery.” – C. P. Kavafy

I think that quote encompasses the essence of capacity building and training. It is about learning, improving and becoming better at changing the world! I also like to think that it says a lot about myself and why I am extremely happy to be a member of SfGH UK! 

So, hi everyone! I’m Antonis and will be in the role of the Training Director for another term. Having introduced new elements in the role last year, I look forward to seeing last years efforts flourishing and the network of our trainers becoming a vibrant, energetic team of changemakers! I also look forward to celebrating the incredible efforts of all our predecessors; efforts going strong for 25 years!

Bylaw mandated responsibilities:

1.4.9. Training Director The Students for Global Health Training Director shall be represented on the Affiliates Board and as such shall seek to promote training opportunities across all Students for Global Health Affiliates. The Training Director shall be responsible for: Identifying training needs across the network and within the National Committee; Co-ordinating training on a national Students for Global Health By-laws June 2017 level by: updating the branch resource pack; liaising with local organisers and Students for Global Health’s training team to plan delivery of training workshops at General Assemblies and the National and Global Health Conferences; Forming and supporting a national training network by: organising an annual Training New Trainers conference; putting together and running the Students for Global Health qualification curriculum; updating and maintaining the Students for Global Health Trainers Database; cultivating international training opportunities for Students for Global Health members, liaising with the IFMSA Training Support Division Director(s) and the Western European National Member Organisation Training Forum where appropriate.