Healthy Planet

Who are they?
Healthy Planet UK are a group of students and young people from across the UK who work to raise awareness of the links between environmental change and health and advocate for the kind of future they want to see. They originated as an SfGH working group and grew into their own society in 2006. Healthy Planet envision a world of fair and sustainable communities who take collective responsibility for the unified health and well-being of people and planet. The organisation believes that young people should have a louder voice in the policies and decisions that will affect their futures.

What do they do?
Healthy Planet aim to educate, advocate and act on the intersections between ecology, climate change and human health. They focus on four areas in particular; sustainable lifestyles, sustainability in Medical School curriculums, school projects and political action.

How you can get involved:
If you’re interested in finding out more about Healthy Planet, check out their website here ( or message them on their Facebook page. They have a few branches already, but if you can’t find one near you then don’t be shy about setting one up! Either message them directly or get in touch with our Affiliates Coordinator who can help you out.