Current Campaigns

Medsin’s Advocacy happens throughout the network through different channels. Aside from the National and Regional Policy and Advocacy Directors, there are National Working Groups and Activities that focus on campaigning. Medsin also adds the student voice to external advocacy.

national coordinated themes – gender and global health

Are you looking for a campaign theme? Then why not get involved in this year’s National Co-ordinated campaign….

National Coordinated Themes are intended to focus Medsin’s education/advocacy/action efforts around a particular issue, and historically have been ‘voted in’ at General Assemblies. Past examples of CTs have included The Health Burden of the Fossil Fuel Industry and Ethical Electives. They are proposed by any Medsin member(s) who then have responsibility for overseeing the Theme, producing resources, organising campaigns.

This year’s theme is on Gender and Global Health. Gender equity is an aim which is not a reality in many countries across the world. Discrepancies in treatment between gender have a significant impact on health, from the high rates of male suicide to the ostracising of women during menstruation. It is impossible to impact global health without thinking about gender, illustrated by the Sustainable Development Goal dedicated to it. Gender intersects with many aspects of health, illness and disease to create worse and more complex health outcomes.  It is only through understanding the impact of gender on health that we can truly begin to tackle health inequities.

The mission of the Gender Equity National Working Group (NWG) is:

  • To raise awareness of the all-encompassing nature of gender.
  • To facilitate collaboration between different parts of the network.
  • To advocate for a better awareness of gender equity as a global health issue.
  • To start a campaign to raise awareness about gender equity as a global health issue.

For more information please email Julia

campaign 1: mental health matters

Monday 10th October marked World Mental Health Day

Charities across the network have been raising awareness for what is a major, global, health challenge. The infographic below shows just some of the statistics associated with Mental Health. One of the big myths is that Mental Illness is a contemporary problem and generally only affects Western Society.

THIS WEEK we would very much like you to write a blog post OR an article in a student publication. You can be as creative as you want but it must raise awareness on World Mental Health. On your marks…get set…WRITE!

For more information please email the Policy and Advocacy Team

more ideas…?

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