Stuck on what to do? Need help planning events? Please have a perusal on what resources we have to help your branch develop.

Online Freshers Pack includes rough guides towards all different aspects on Students for Global Health and how you can increase participation in your branch:

  1. Rough Guide to: Freshers’ 2016!
  2. Rough Guide to: Medsin in 2016-17
  3. Rough Guide to: Students for Global Health’s Organisation
  4. Rough Guide to: IFMSA & Students for Global Health Exchanges
  5. Rough Guide to: Branch Affiliation
  6. Rough Guide to: Training
  7. Rough Guide to: Handover

Global Health Education Toolkit explains step-by-step on how you can run a short course at your branch! See here for more resources!

Movement building guide, co-written with People and Planet, and Students for Global Health. The culmination of a vast amount of hard work, this document is completely worth a read.

The Branch Development Fund is a pot of money set aside to support new and expanding branch projects. The application form available here!