Who are they?
Students for Kids International Project (SKIP) is a UK student-led registered charity which supports child welfare in communities across the globe. Each SKIP branch is based at a different UK university, with its own branch committee. Every branch runs a specific project, aiming to establish sustainable interventions that tackle the specific healthcare, welfare and educational needs of vulnerable children in that region, with an eye to achieving their two visions;

  • For all children to be cared for and supported in accessing the basic rights of health, welfare and education within their communities
  • For future professionals to have the awareness, ability and motivation to influence and contribute to global development

What do they do?
Since SKIP was first established in Cardiff over 20 years ago, students from across the UK have been spending 5 weeks of their summer holidays undertaking projects in many different locations; India, Madagascar, Cambodia, Zambia and Malaysia to name a few. Throughout the year the student groups attend training sessions, develop their projects and fundraise for the communities they will visit.

How you can get involved:
There are many ways you can get involved – from volunteering on a project to joining a branch committee. If this is something you might be interested in, have a look at SKIP’s website ( and see if there’s a university branch near you.