National Exchange Officer (outgoing)

Salma Ghafoor

Hey, I’m Salma and I’m your national exchange officer, alongside Gemma who will primarily be dealing with incoming students whereas I’ll be managing outgoing students. 

I’ve always been passionate about global health largely because of my Kashmiri roots and I am super excited to be involved with SfGH on a national (and international) level! My personal interests lie in psychiatry and racial inequalities in health, so I look forward to working on the national working group. I’m particularly interested in widening outreach for exchanges and making them accessible to students from all backgrounds. 

I’m a Sheffield medic, just about to intercalate at Barts this year so looking forward to the year ahead and ready to face any more challenges COVID may bring for exchanges. 

Bylaw mandated responsibilities:

1.4.12. National Exchange Officer (Outgoing) See Appendix 4 – Students for Global Health Exchanges bylaws Be responsible for facilitating professional exchanges in the UK, primarily for Outgoing students, in consultation with the NEO (Incoming). Be responsible for working with the other NEO and the Students for Global Health- UK National Committee to work towards the national aims, by expanding Students for Global Health Exchanges on a national level. Together with the other NEO, a financial report for Students for Global Health Exchanges will be compiled to be presented at the National Students for Global Health Autumn Weekend.