Are you a student in the UK and would like to get involved with one of the most dynamic and impactful student organisations in the country? If so, there are many ways to get involved, starting with joining your local branch!

  1. On the “Who we are” menu, look at our branches and see if your university has a branch!
    1. If so, look for the branch page on Facebook – That’s usually the best way to get updates. They’ll be happy to receive a message about how you can join and find out more, signing up to local newsletters and getting membership of the branch.
  2. Like us on Facebook! You can find us at
    1. Once you have found us, look at the “groups” tab of our page and find your official regional group, and any group on topics you are interested in!
  3. Sign up to the national newsletter! You’ll receive occasional updates on all that is going on across the country, specifically at featured local branches, and in our international work! Click here for the sign-up form
  4. That’s it! We have no national membership fee or official membership but you’re now one of us! Welcome, we’re thrilled to have you on board.