Catherine Dominic

I joined NC for the opportunity to work more closely with SfGH from within and really understand and the structure and working of the organisation, as well as to meet wonderful people and learn lots about organisational skills. I am excited to continue developing the database and to see the map project finalised, as well as ensuring all the governance documents are up to date!

Bylaw mandated responsibilities:

1.4.7. Secretary Be responsible for the administration, correspondence and archives of Students for Global Health. Produce the minutes of the National Committee meetings and make them available to the network. Update the Constitution and By-laws with the changes decided upon at the General Assembly and make it always available to the network. Prepare and send out invitations, provisional agenda and other relevant information concerning General Assembly meetings. Assist the Director of Branch Affairs in maintaining the contact between the Members and the National Committee. Maintain an updated database of Students for Global Health Members. Chair the Students for Global Health Agenda Committee.