Global Health Education is a huge term that covers many things in pursuit of Medsin’s vision: a fair and just world in which equity in health is a reality for all

Our initiatives include:

  • Global Health in Higher Education – monitoring and advocating for global health education to be part of healthcare curriculum and formally available within higher education, including our work on the Global Health Research League Table (hyperlink)
  • Responsible placementsEnsuring that all research projects and placements abroad are ethical; supporting IFMSA exchanges and student health partnerships.
  • Global Health Education in Schools – Aims to ensure students leave school as global health advocates, ready to fight health inequality and social injustice locally, nationally and globally
  • Global Health Short Courses – Branches run incredible courses to inspire their peers to become global health advocates
  • Global Health Education Training – to empower branches to feel confident in delivering GHE initiatives at a local level.

We aim to achieve our initiatives through:

  • Global Health Education Operational TeamA team of members who work with the Global Health Education Director to realise Medsin’s aims
  • Online toolkits – toolkits exist for to assist branches in projects around advocacy and running short courses.
  • Resources and opportunities – Sharing, supporting and creating resources through our wonderful branches
  • Sharing opportunities – sharing opportunities both within and outside of Medsin through email, the newsletter, the Advocate (our beautiful, shiny magazine) and the Global Health Education facebook group
  • Responsible Placement National Working Group a group of members who work specifically on this issue 

Medical Schools Elective council

  • We ensure our views on responsible placements are represented at the Electives Council Meetings.

Message from our global health education director:

Do you want to get involved with Global Health Education? Perhaps you want to improve the resources available? Do you have a great idea around global health education? From writing blogs, managing social media, volunteering in schools or doing a bit of proof reading…there’s something for everyone. (I think you’d be great!) Drop me an email at: for more information and a chat! Join our facebook group to keep in the loop with all the GHE magic.