International opportunities

Welcome to the International Opportunities page! This is where SfGH members’ opportunities will be posted throughout the year, including IFMSA events and external meeting delegations, exchanges opportunities, and other opportunities abroad!

If you have any questions please email Isaac, the Director of International Affairs, on

Notes on IFMSA applications:

  1. Read the new “How to Write an Application” manual, produced for the first time this year.
  2. Where it asks for the signature of the “NMO President” on candidature forms, this refers to the Director of International Affairs. Please request candidature form signatures as far in advance as possible and include [URGENT] in the subject line. The DIA will also be very happy to assist with application writing by providing advice, depending on their capacity.

IFMSA PreWHA and World Health Assembly

Every year the IFMSA runs the Pre World Health Assembly workshop in Geneva, for ~50 students from all over the world. With speakers from the WHO, member states, inter-governmental organisations, NGOs and more, this unique opportunity prepares participants to represent IFMSA at the world’s largest and most important health decision making platform, the World Health Assembly, the general assembly of member states of the World Health Organization.

Applications aren’t based on experience and everyone, of all disciplines and studies, are encouraged to apply.

Find more information and all the application requirements here: