National Committee 2017/18

The National Committee for 2017/18 at Autumn Weekend 2017

Students for Global Health National Committee comprises students from across the UK who help facilitate the functioning of the network. They are elected annually by the Students for Global Health network at the Spring General Assembly and meet at least four times a year, as well as at Students for Global Health Conferences and General Assemblies.

If you would like to get in touch with anyone see below for more information about each individual member and their contact details. If you’re unsure of whom to contact, email our Secretary on and they will forward your query to the appropriate person.

National Director: Alice Blewitt [Sheffield/LSHTM]

Hello! I’m Alice, and I’m proud to be taking on 21766732_10155243995656339_3748558589777293741_nthe role of national director for our first year as Students for Global Health. I’m an intercalating medical student from the wonderful Sheffield University branch, and past local and national secretary. I’m really glad to be working with an amazing team of dedicated committee members and feel we got the year off to a great start with our first-weekend meeting last week. I am so excited to help shape and develop our network over the next year, starting with the new format for Autumn Weekend to get everyone ready for what I hope will be an awesome year. Students for Global Health is a unique network of passionate and dedicated members and I’m honoured to be able to give a little back to a community which has given me a lot in the way of ideas, motivation, friendships and unique experiences over the past few years.


Director of International Affairs: Lucy Singh [Aberdeen]
Hello, my name is Lucy and I am the Director of International Affairs for 2017-18! I’m really excited to work at making our international opportunities more accessible to21687690_10155233968401339_7554551939127338587_n the Students for Global Health network, as well as looking at how we can better work with other National Member Organisations in different countries for greater impact in global health as students. I’m continually inspired by our amazing members across the Students for Global Health network, and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings for our network!

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Director of Branch Affairs: Joanna Marsden [Newcastle]
Hello, my name is Joanna I am just about to start my intercalated year at Newcastle University21751999_10155230784526339_6300209793371958065_n and for the past year have been the training director for Students for Global Health, which was a hugely fun role meaning I got to attend lots of fun training events. This year I will be taking on the role of Director of Branch affairs, which is especially exciting as it is our first year as Students for Global Health. I have been an active member of my branch for the last 4 years and therefore having a chance to help developing branches and increasing sharing of ideas across the network is very exciting. I am also especially looking forward to all the new opportunities are new name should bring in terms of engaging previously unreached students.

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Finance Director: Kamila Karimjee [RVC/Imperial]


Hi! I’ve been part of my local branch’s committee for a year now and cannot wait to become more involved with the network at a national level. I’m hoping to increase our fundraising potential in order to make our national and international opportunities even more accessible than they are now. I am a veterinary student from the Royal Veterinary College and am about to start an intercalated BSc in Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College. If anyone would like to get more involved with, or has any ideas about, fundraising, please drop me an email, I’d love to hear from you!


Communications Director: Isaac Florence [RVC/Imperial]


I am honoured to be taking on the role of communications director during our first year as Students for Global Health.

The name, brand and message of this incredible organisation are clear, professional and inspiring. I am greatly looking forward to the challenges of the year ahead. I’m a veterinary medicine student at the Royal Veterinary College, but this year I’m intercalating in Global Health at Imperial. I believe many professions have huge roles to play in global health and have a lot to learn from each other!

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Global Health Education Director: Iain Doig [Aberdeen]21751891_10155218813981339_1244540948548892014_n

Hi, my name is Iain, I’m studying in Aberdeen and I’ll be taking on the role of GlobalHealth Education Director 2017-2018. My priority for next year is to provide support at a branch level, including the development of the global health in schools programme and promotion of the (highly successful) short courses. I am also quite keen to hear from anyone who wants to get involved or has any recommendations for the global health team.


Policy & Advocacy Director: Anna Lewis [Bristol] 
Hello! This role entails overseeing the action side of Students for Global Health: from21370890_10155192328996339_5649364484846005763_n local advocacy, national working groups and policies, to coordinated national campaigns. I am so proud to start my role because policy and advocacy form the crucial space for us to work together, pooling ideas, skills and experience to try to tackle the overwhelming inequalities that surround us. I want to see our network empowered, informed and working effectively towards positive change. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with ideas and thoughts, big and small!

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Affiliates Coordinator: Rachel Higgins [Newcastle/BSMS]
Affiliates are local and national organisations that have a partnership with Students for Global Health.21558721_10155221609451339_2708089528889026090_n They’re basically really cool and offer loads of great opportunities for our members to get more involved with specific issues that interest them the most, as well as offering volunteering and advocacy opportunities to help make a real difference! We’ll be posting more about our specific affiliates and updating our website about them soon, so keep your eyes peeled for more information about all the great things they do or come along to one of our conferences or voting weekends to find out more about them!


Training Director: Eleanor Parkhill [Leeds]21462985_10155196032201339_8637589771667482904_n
I’ll be overseeing the organisation of the ‘Training New Trainers’ (TNT) weekends. Training is the backbone of Students for Global Health, and I cannot wait to help organise this across the network.
Students for Global Health is a fabulous organisation, and I’ve loved being part of this community. Outside of Students for Global Health I bake elaborate birthday cakes and run with a wonderful club. If you ever want to chat about training, baking or life in general, then come and have a natter; my virtual door is always open!

National Exchanges Officer (Incoming): Gemma Whyatt [Leeds/BSMS] 21728093_10155208472626339_6970312216101832166_n
It is so rewarding to participate in the Standing Committee on Professional Exchange (SCOPE) with the IFMSA, enabling students to further their understanding of medicine, global health and culture around the world in a fun, ethical way. I am looking forward to widening access to this opportunity to more students, influencing universities to promote more equitable, bilateral electives and using our collective voice as students to advocate for change in other areas. I’m really excited to meet more global health enthusiasts this year through our events – come and say hi!

National Exchanges Officer (Outgoing): Hamza Ejaz [UEA] 21616471_10155203761991339_1836046183228479817_n

I joined the National Committee because I identify with the strong values of Students for Global Health, admire all that it has achieved through collaboration and the joint effort from all its members, and believe in its potential to mould the future of Global Health. My aim is to function as a catalyst in helping Students for Global Health further it’s short and long-term development goals so that it can achieve its vision: equity in healthcare around the globe. I have no doubt that in doing so I will get to learn a great deal myself and be able to further my own personal development.
I look forward to working with and learning from all the strongly driven, dedicated and hard-working individuals that make up this network and enable its functioning.

National Officer of Research Exchanges: Dylan Goh [Newcastle] 21317806_10155191779656339_1366158226086194855_n
This upcoming year is exciting for research exchanges as we aim to start to create sustainable local committees that would be able to offer all students (not just medical students) the opportunity to participate in research projects all around the world with participating countries. We are also working towards making research exchange more accessible to students from universities without local committees! When I’m not working with SfGH, I’m working hard to pass my exams at medical school. Outside of school, I like to travel and take photographs.


South East Regional Coordinator: Anna Martin [KCL] 21369497_10155187547586339_6598593829909895881_n
Hello! My main aim is to push for smaller intra-regional events and form a London Students for Global Health committee which will include a representative from each London Students for Global Health branch to organise more united projects. I also want to focus on enhancing the social aspect of the network, as I have met the most inspiring and motivated individuals from all over the world and that is the one thing I want everyone to gain from this amazing network; even a conversation with someone just as passionate as you are about something can be more influencing than anything we are taught in university.

South West Regional Coordinator: Laura Medhurst [Bristol] 21369195_10155195962501339_123131208361957520_n
Hi! I’m really looking forward to helping the branches grow and excel. I am lucky enough to have gotten to know many inspiring and interesting people during my couple of years with Students for Global Health and I hope to inspire the region to get involved and be a part of our vision! The South West is full of inspiring individuals making up fabulous branches and I am looking forward to being a part of their journeys this year!

Midlands Regional Coordinator: Muha Hassan [Keele] 21369614_10155188385866339_1752543436866427140_n
At Keele University, I was on the Students for Global Health local committee for two years, of which my second year was the branch president. Being part of the Students for Global Health network has enabled me to meet other students from diverse backgrounds, and we all have one thing in common: a passion for global health! For the upcoming year, I’m very excited to meet students from all the branches and see what each branch is up to! Being on the committee in Keele, I have learnt from the challenges that we have faced as a branch and I will be able to use my experience to develop the branches in the Midlands area. I hope I see you at one of the Students for Global Health events!


Scotland & Northern Ireland Regional Coordinator: Emma Mullarkey [Glasgow] 21430256_10155192200461339_1709847819184907175_n
Hey! I’ve been on the Glasgow committee for the last two years and was part of the Glasgow’s organising committee for our conference “Inspiring Change: Glasgow’s Call for Action” last year. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of my local committee and look forward to getting more involved in national events and the network. My priority for the next year is to support my local branches to get the most from the network. I’m keen to enable the branches within my region to work together and to share ideas.

Northern Regional Coordinator: Sarah Holmes [Newcastle] Sarah Holmes
Hello, I’m Sarah and this year I’ll be taking on the role of Northern Regional Coordinator! I’m so excited to get to know the amazing Northern branches and to help them develop and expand with some regional training weekends and events. I’m also really looking forward to helping new branches get involved with Students for Global Health so that even more people can join this amazing and inspiring network!

To contact all the Regional Coordinators at once, please email: