University College London (UCL)

Two past events:

Access to Medicines short course (by UAEM UCL) – 16-30 october

Out UAEM coordinators organised a hugely popular Access to Medicines short course, consisting of three sessions. It introduced members to current problems in the research and development system by which we develop new medicines and what we can do to fight for equity in access to medicines world wide. The short course was of an interactive format and discussion was very much encouraged. People who attended all three sessions received a UAEM certificate!

Climate change and us (by Healthy Planet UCL) – 23 october

The 2009 Lancet Commission on Climate Change described climate change as the”biggest global health threat of the 21st century”, in 2015 they named it the “greatest global health opportunity”.

Healthy Planet’s first event of the year dissected this dichotomy of threat vs. opportunity. We explored climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts and the challenges that lie ahead while asking the question: how can we ensure climate change adaptation and mitigation is truly equitable?

Dr Ilan Kelman gave a short presentation on the topic, followed by discussion with the audience. Ilan Kelman is a Reader in Risk, Resilience and Global Health at the UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction and UCL Global Health Institute. Ilan is also Thematic Director for Global Environmental Sustainability at the UCL Institute of Global Governance and a Senior Research Fellow at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Oslo.


Two upcoming events:


Health and War: stories from the ground – 15 November

What is it like to provide health care to those who desperately need it, but are difficult to access? How does a doctor navigate the complex, and often dangerous, landscapes of war zones? What are the lasting effects of experiencing armed conflict and torture for months, or even years?

‘War Torn’, one of SfGH UCL’s new campaigns,  will aim to answers to these questions, and discuss what we can do to help. This is the campaign’s launch event, and we will have 4 brilliant speakers coming in to share with us their personal stories of delivering, understanding and researching trauma and healthcare in war zones.

Link to facebook event:

CONFERENCE Under Fire: Health in Conflict Zones – 19 November

Today, we face an unprecedented health and humanitarian crisis: with over 59 ongoing armed conflicts displacing 20 million people around the world, and affecting millions more, the need to create effective health interventions that promote peace has never been clearer.

At this conference, we’ll be looking at the complex relationship between conflict and health through a series of talks and workshops by distinguished academics. This will be through the introduction of various ‘streams’ exploring each aspect of health in a war zone, ranging from Gender-based Violence on Women’s Health to the Effect of Conflict on Health Systems.

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