Branches make Students for Global Health. Our branches are an amazing network of student societies up and down the country, pressing forward towards equity in health at a local level. Each branch is unique and driven by the passion of its members, but by working together we form a movement – which you can be a part of.

We have branches at over 30 universities but there are many more where you could help set up a SfGH branch. All you need are a few keen students and we can help you with everything else you need! Whatever your background and whatever your university subject area, you could be the next person to set up a SfGH branch – how exciting is that!

Each SfGH branch agrees to contribute to our shared vision through an affiliation agreement and contributes a small fee (which we redistribute across the network to support new SfGH projects). We’ll be here to help you every step of the way! Contact your Regional Coordinator or the Director of Branch Affairs (details here) to kick-start your brand new SfGH branch!