Governing Documents

As a registered charity (number 1111824) and a national network, Students for Global Health is governed by its members. These are the university branch presidents or the leaders of our national affiliates, or their respective representatives. Our operations are governed by several tiers of governing documents. The first and foremost being our constitution: Students for Global Health Constitution

The constitution is backed up by bylaws, which are binding, and direct how Students for Global Health will operate, this includes national Committee members’ roles and the voting procedure at General Assemblies: Students for Global Health Bylaws

We also have a tier of guidance statements. These are non-binding but are suggested and preferable ways to operate in reference to a variety of topics. These can be found here.

We also have a number of policy statements. These are written by students and are voted on whether to be adopted by the organisation as a whole at general assemblies, they can be viewed by looking at our active policies page.