Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM)

PrintWho are they?
UAEM are an international student movement aiming to combat the access to medicines crisis that claims millions of lives every year. Through concerted organising and campaigning on university campuses and across the world, they aim to create a more equal system for addressing the health needs of those who are denied access to essential medicines and healthcare.

Here’s a video made by UAEM on how to fix the Research and Development system:

What do they do?
As committed students from all over the world who passionately believe in social justice and health equity, UAEM seek to improve access to drugs developed through publicly funded research and tackle ‘Neglected Diseases’ that predominately affect the poor.

UAEM’s work is guided at all times by principles of non-partisanship, democracy, transparency, solidarity and respect. They run a variety of projects, from supporting international campaigns and advocacy efforts to holding talks and discussions within their university branches. They meet regularly to discuss plans for action and how best to fight for a world where all people, regardless of income, have access to medicines and other health-related technologies. There is also an opportunity to attend highly subsidised (and fun!) yearly conferences all over the world, from Europe to America.

How can I get involved?
Look for a branch at a university near you or set one up! To find out more, visit their website.