National Director

Chaitra Dinesh

‘Do something. Do more. Do it better.’, the ending phrase from Sir Michael Marmot’s legendary book ‘The Health Gap’ (a must read for all global health enthusiasts), is the vision I have for this year and for my life in the world of Global Health. I feel extremely honoured to have been given the role of National Director, with hopes to lead the national team effectively and to achieve the best we can for the network. We are celebrating 25 years of SfGH this year and will be showcasing the impact our organisation has had and can continue to have. I hope that you will all engage mightily with our work this year on a local, national and international level. And remember ‘Do something. Do more. Do it better.’

Bylaw mandated responsibilities:

1.4.1. National Director Coordinator and chair the National Committee. Call for meetings of the National Committee. Represent Students for Global Health to external relations and maintain contacts. Act as the official representative and spokesperson for Students for Global Health, abiding by By-law 1.5. Develop short- and long-term strategies for the work and structure of Students for Global Health, especially in relation to external organisations. Work with the Director of finance to raise funds for Students for Global Health. Attend Board of Trustee meetings and provide a written update report summarising National Committee and other relevant activity updates.