Scotland and Northern Ireland Regional Coordinator

Maarja-Liis Ferry

Hello! I am Maarja, a final year medic at the University of Dundee, and I will be this year’s Scotland and Northern Ireland Regional Coordinator. This is my third year being involved with Student’s for Global Health and my first year on the national committee! My interest in global health grew during my year intercalating in International Health, and my primary area of interest is maternal global health. I am particularly passionate about increasing branch engagement with SfGH national and international opportunities as I think these are brilliant opportunities for personal development for our members. Additionally, I want to foster a real sense of network and community within the SNI region. Please feel free to email me with any and all questions about SfGH in the SNI region!

Bylaw mandated responsibilities:

1.4.13. Regional Coordinators To improve communication and collaboration between Students for Global Health branches within the same region by holding regular regional meetings. On request, to provide assistance to branches in troubleshooting and problem-solving issues To support their region in the running of two regional training days per year, where feasible To support their region in the running of one Regional Conference per year, where feasible To support branches with their handover process and work towards the sustainability of the branch. To help facilitate the organisation of group transport of members from their region to national events To be responsible for maintaining contact between our member Branches and the National Committee. Communicate regularly with the National Director, alongside the Director of Branch Affairs, to ensure strong representation of branches’ views and priorities to the National Committee. Work together to develop individual and collective strategies, and ensure support of one another. Work with the Director of Branch Affairs to highlight branch development priorities. To support member Branches and enable them to continue their affiliation to Students for Global Health, by overseeing the timely completion of the affiliation process of branches in their region. To verbally contact every Branch President in their region