Do you feel outraged at the injustice that exists in our world? Do you have hope that humanity can come together for a better future?

Training’ aims to empower people so that they can channel this outrage and move from engaging with issues to making a change.

Our vision for ‘Training’ is for everyone in the medsin network to have the capacity to make change in the areas that they want to.

We aim to do that by inspiring and empowering people at a branch, national and international level through our training focused on Personal Development, Communication and Leadership – Drew Dudley says it much better than us, we are all leaders and if you don’t believe us, then check out his awesome TED talks about Lollipop Moments.

Training is at the heart of medsin and has the potential to unite and inspire the network from the grassroots up.

Why is Training so awesome?

Training teaches us practical skills, which are transferable to every aspect of what Medsin and its affiliates do. Whether it be improving campaign strategy, delivering a fantastic global health short course, or building engagement within a branch, training gives people the skills to tackle all of these things. It is also a great way for individuals and the Medsin community to engage with the wider global health movement, delivering and receiving training alongside students from all over the globe. And on top of all of this the skills and confidence that training gives you will stay with you for the rest of your life.

What Training is out there?

At every national Medsin event, you can attend training sessions which focus on developing a huge variety of skills.

Also every year each Medsin region runs their own training weekend, which not only allows local medsin branches to get together and know each other, but also to attend training sessions which the branches have decided will be most beneficial to build up their skill base.

You can also get involved by becoming a certified trainer who can run training sessions. Each year Medsin runs at least 1 TNT (training new trainers) courses, this is a busy and fun weekend where you learn to become a certified trainer which not only allows you to run sessions on your own but teaches you loads of new skills. This also gives you loads of opportunities to run sessions for your branch, nationally or even internationally.

How can we get involved in training?

Are you passionate about something? Do you have an incredible idea? If you think that there is a training session which would help you or your committee with anything then get in contact with Joanna at We will try to match you with a local trainer who can provide the session that you want.

If you fancy getting even more involved and become a certified trainer yourself you can apply for TNT! The next TNT will be held in June/July 2017  – we will let you know soon!

Contact with any questions you have!