National Exchange Officer (incoming)

Chaitra Dinesh

Chaitra dressed in traditional Taiwanese clothes at the August Meeting 2019 in Taiwan. An international event where we sign contracts with the countries that we want to exchange students with

I am super happy to be carrying on as National Exchange Officer for incoming students this year. I am looking forward to working on building strong foundations for new branches setting up exchanges and improving the current exchange programs. I’m super excited to work with everyone in the exchanges team and the national committee to increase the awareness of exchanges! My passion for global health started with exchanges and keeps growing every year – meeting inspiring people has been my motivation to apply for this role. I hope to serve you, SfGH members, to the best of my ability.

Bylaw mandated responsibilities:

1.4.11. National Exchange Officer (Incoming) See Appendix 4 – Students for Global Health Exchanges By-laws Be responsible for facilitating professional exchanges in the UK, primarily for Incoming students, in consultation with the NEO (Outgoing). Be responsible for working with the other NEO and the Students for Global Health – UK National Committee to work towards the national aims, by expanding Students for Global Health Exchanges on a national level. Together with the other NEO, a financial report for Students for Global Health Exchanges will be compiled to be presented at the National Students for Global Health Autumn Weekend.