Director of Branch Affairs

Muha Hassan


I’m Muha, a final year medical student at Keele and I’m delighted to be acting as the Director of Branch Affairs for Students for Global Health this year.

Branches run sessions to educate, advocate and act on various global health issues through training, campaigning and many other activities that occur locally, nationally and internationally. I’ve been a SfGH member (formerly named Medsin) for the past four years and I’ve also been on the local (Keele) and the national committee.

My main role is to support the development of the branches across the network, so for the year ahead, I will be working closely with your regional coordinator to ensure your branch is well supported by the network. I’m also working on the branch development fund, which a pot of money set aside to support new and expanding branch projects.

Being part of SfGH is a fantastic opportunity to meet other students from diverse backgrounds and we all have at least one thing in common: a passion for global health! I would strongly encourage members to engage with their local branches and to get involved in the issues they’re passionate about. I hope to see you at one of our SfGH events!

Bylaw mandated responsibilities:

1.4.2. Director of Branch Affairs To assume or support the work of the National Director whenever necessary. Be responsible for the development of our member Branches. Work alongside the Regional Coordinators to develop an annual evaluation procedure and subsequent needs assessment for member Branches. Be responsible for being receptive to non-member Branches to encourage them to join and participate in Students for Global Health Affiliates. To encourage and support the integration and collaboration of branches and Affiliates at a local level. Work with the Regional Coordinators to develop branch development strategies. To coordinate allocation of Branch Development Fund to support member Branches To support affiliation of new branches in conjunction with Regional Coordinators To coordinate the Branch Affiliation process through supporting Regional Coordinators in their work with Branches.