SFGH Dundee is a fun, friendly and inclusive society which welcomes members of all disciplines. We’re committed to tackling health inequalities, and as a society we aim to highlight the many issues which influence global health. Our events aim to challenge, educate, advocate and act to make a positive change.

Our ethos is to “Think Global, Act Local” by exploring a wide breadth of global health issues. Previous events have highlighted problems affecting our own community such as intravenous drug use, homelessness and gender based violence through talks by experts in their fields, film screenings and training workshops. We also work to inspire students passionate about global health with events exploring careers in global health. 

At Dundee, we believe in making equity in healthcare a reality for all and collaborate alongside a number of local organisations and student societies who share this vision. Furthermore, at our branch we’re committed to supporting students to get involved with international  opportunities through our annual electives event and supporting delegates to attend international events through our network.  

SFGH Dundee provides the opportunity to tackle global health issues, fight for positive change whilst having fun and meeting like-minded students from across university, and at national events. 

If you’d like to learn more or be involved with SFGH Dundee please get in touch or  follow us on social media!

E-mail –  dundee@studentsforglobalhealth.org
Facebook – @SFGHDundee
Twitter –  @SfGHDundee
Instagram- @sfghdundee