Students for Global Health has been a registered charity since 2005 (Registered Charity Number 1111824) and is hence legally obliged to have a Board of Trustees. Initially, the National Committee served as the Board of Trustees, but in 2010 the Students for Global Health Network voted to appoint an external board, comprising professionals with experience in finance and law as well as a wide range of global health experts. Our Board of Trustees now works closely with the National Committee in overseeing the running of the network. Alongside being legally accountable for Students for Global Health’s work to the Charity Commission, the board has three main priority areas: governance, sustainability, and mentorship.

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Presenting your Board of Trustees

Abi Deivanayagam (she/her)

Abi  is a medical doctor and public health specialist trainee based in Liverpool, UK. Abi’s research, teaching and advocacy focuses on health systems, climate and racism.  She is part of Race & Health, a collective of academics, activists and individuals within and outside of the public health field tackling the impact of racism on health. She is a research associate for Stema ( She is a keen advocate for climate, health and racial justice. 

Brian Wong (he/him)

Brian is an entrepreneur, public health advocate/practitioner, and multidisciplinary researcher with a background in global health, epidemiology, & biomedical science. He presently works as Youth Officer for The Lancet & Financial Times Commission “Governing Health Futures 2030: Growing up in a digital world”. He is also involved with ASPHER’s COVID-19 Task Force and GHWN Youth Hub, and sits on the Steering Committee of EUPHA’s Digital Health Section & the WHO Youth Council. His passion for meaningful youth engagement and experiential learning led him to found LonWHO, the UK’s first ModelWHO simulation, and UK ModelWHO, an organisation which aims to empower students and young professionals to co-create innovative policy solutions to pressing global health challenges.


Behrouz Nezafat (he/him)

Behrouz is an academic paediatric doctor in London working  in international child health. He has previously been involved with Students for Global Health (formerly Medsin), the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations and the GHWN Youth Hub Steering Committee. He is interested in global health and youth engagement in advocacy and policy.

Layth Hanbali (he/him)

Layth is a Health Protection Practitioner at Public Health England, and a Master’s candidate in Health Policy, Planning and Financing at LSHTM/LSE. During his undergraduate studies, he was involved in Students for Global Health, which spurred a passion for centring social justice in health, and for students’ role in advocating for a more just world.

Anand Bhopal

Anand Profile

Anand is a junior doctor currently working at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Recent experience as a National Medical Director’s Clinical Fellow working in the Medical Director’s Office at Public Health England. Interested in Medical ethics and health policy and the art of getting things done.

Fun fact: Anand once played the bagpipes in front of the Queen…

Jamie Scuffell

Jamie is a Foundation Doctor and served on various Students for Global Health committees at a local and national level, as well as committees for the affiliated organisation, Crossing Borders.

Fun fact: Jamie created the Wikipedia article for the Miracle Fruit before Wikipedia got big.

Harpreet (she/her)

Chris (he/him)

Chris is education lead at King’s Centre for Global Health and Health Partnerships and programme director for the MSc in Global Health, both at King’s College London. He has a background in global health teaching and in anthropological research in West Africa (Nigeria and Sierra Leone). Chris is interested in the role of education in creating informed citizens who can critically analyse injustice and advocate for change.

Madeleine (she/they)

Madeleine is an Msc Public Health student at LSHTM, with a long-standing interest in global health – in particular, infectious diseases and the social determinants of health. She was involved with various student-run organisations as an undergraduate, and is currently a project editor with Polygeia.