Students for Global Health has been a registered charity since 2005 (Registered Charity Number 1111824) and is hence legally obliged to have a Board of Trustees. Initially, the National Committee served as the Board of Trustees, but in 2010 the Students for Global Health Network voted to appoint an external board, comprising professionals with experience in finance and law as well as a wide range of global health experts. Our Board of Trustees now works closely with the National Committee in overseeing the running of the network. Alongside being legally accountable for Students for Global Health’s work to the Charity Commission, the board has three main priority areas: governance, sustainability, and mentorship.

If you have any queries for the Board of Trustees, please contact them on

Presenting your Board of Trustees

Interim Chair: Anya Gopfert

Anya is currently a clinical trainee working in paediatrics. She is a former IFMSA Think Global coordinator and Students for Global Health Director of International Affairs and Policy and Advocacy Director

Fun Fact: SfGH (then Medsin) work once landed me on an MI5 watchlist…

Treasurer: Divinia Mistry 

Divinia has worked on projects with WHO, World Bank, UNFPA, USAID, Global Fund and on a national level with UK, South Africa, Kenya, Malawi, Swaziland. She is passionate about reducing health inequalities.


Interim Secretary and Ex-Officio: Alice Blewitt


I sit on the Board of Trustees in my capacity as the National Director of the previous academic year’s National Committee. Therefore, I have a lot of passion for Students for Global Health as a network which has provided me with many great opportunities and inspirations. I am a final year medical student in Sheffield and previously intercalated in public health at LSHTM.


Layth Hanbali

Layth is a junior doctor, training in Internal Medicine. He is a former member of Students for Global Health, serving as National Director in 2015/16 and Trustee the following year.

Fun fact: Layth is currently teaching himself to play the clarinet

Anand Bhopal

Anand Profile

Anand is a junior doctor currently working at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Recent experience as a National Medical Director’s Clinical Fellow working in the Medical Director’s Office at Public Health England. Interested in Medical ethics and health policy and the art of getting things done.

Fun fact: Anand once played the bagpipes in front of the Queen…

Elizabeth Eves

Elizabeth Eves Profile

I have been an oncology nurse since 2010 (and have practised in the UK and Saudi Arabia). Before nursing, I worked in the charity sector for 7 years, developing organizational capacities for volunteers with disabilities, and prisoners.

I am studying my PGCERT in Global Health Policy at LSHTM via distance learning. My specialist interests are macroeconomics and trade/health links, migrant health and cancer care in lower income countries. I am very passionate about how nursing can be influential in policy. I am a member of the International Advisory Committee of the Royal College of Nursing.

Fun Fact: I love mountaineering and have been to Everest base camp.

Shivani Singh

shivani headshot

Shivani Singh is the Course Director of the UCL Global Health Undergraduate Programme and the Global Health Deputy Director of Education. She has a background in Political Science and Development and the focus of her work is on migration and informal settlements in India.

Fun fact: her favourite place to visit is the Great Barrier Reef and she has been there twice in the past 5 years.

Shivani has participated in Students for Global Health in the past through lecturing at events/conferences and is pleased to take up a Trustee position

Jamie Scuffell

Jamie is a Foundation Doctor and served on various Students for Global Health committees at a local and national level, as well as committees for the affiliated organisation, Crossing Borders.

Fun fact: Jamie created the Wikipedia article for the Miracle Fruit before Wikipedia got big.


Ex-Officio: Guppi Bola 

guppi profile.jpg

Guppi Bola is currently Interim-Director at Medact. She developed her campaigning and activist skills when she led several national projects in SfGH (Healthy Planet co-founder, Fairtrade and Leeds branch president) back in Medsin days.

She is an organiser and educator who has a passion for supporting groups through meaningful transformative social change. She does this through supporting diverse leaders, building power within movements and designing transformational organisational strategies.

Her academic background is in public health and professional work has focused on economic justice. Guppi has used this expertise to build her understanding of political and economic systems change. Her skills in training, facilitating, campaigning and organisational development are rooted in anti-oppression practices.

Fun fact! Guppi led 40,000 people through London on a climate march atop a chip-fat fuelled double-decker bus. She was once mistaken for train driver whilst on stage with Jeremy Corbyn. She once invited a BigPharma rep to a screening of “Dying for drugs” and held him in the room to be questioned and shamed by a room of politicised medical students. That was fun.