Students for Global Health has been a registered charity since 2005 (Registered Charity Number 1111824) and is hence legally obliged to have a Board of Trustees. Initially, the National Committee served as the Board of Trustees, but in 2010 the Students for Global Health Network voted to appoint an external board, comprising professionals with experience in finance and law as well as a wide range of global health experts. Our Board of Trustees now works closely with the National Committee in overseeing the running of the network. Alongside being legally accountable for Students for Global Health’s work to the Charity Commission, the board has three main priority areas: governance, sustainability, and mentorship.

If you have any queries for the Board of Trustees, please contact them on

Presenting your Board of Trustees

Chair: Daniela Valdes

Daniela Valdés

Daniela has a background in Development Economics 
and Global Health, and works for the NHS in system strengthening. 
Fun fact: Daniela is a keen ‘tanguera’ and meditator.
In her time with Students for Global Health Daniela has advised on alternative funding streams, support from high net worth individuals, as well as branding for our conferences.


Treasurer: Divinia Mistry 

Divinia is the trustee board treasurer. She has worked on projects with WHO, World Bank, UNFPA, USAID, Global Fund and on national level with UK, South Africa, Kenya, Malawi, Swaziland. She is passionate about reducing health inequalities.

Secretary: Karthick Selvakumar

Karthick is the board Secretary. Junior doctor, currently medical education fellow – passionate about international health. Former students for global health Secretary and midlands co-ordinator.
Fun Fact: Karthick loves meditation and silence retreats

Stephan Matlin


Stephen Matlin is a Professor in the Institute of Global Health Innovation at IC, London and Senior Fellow at Global Health Centre at the Graduate Institute, Geneva.

Fun Fact: Stephen loves travel: has travelled about 90 countries 

As a Trustee, his aim is to use my knowledge of global health issues and experience of working in international settings to help Students for Global Health develop as an organization and to expand its reach and impact.

Samita Mukhopadhyay


Samita is a full time GP and GP Trainer in Norfolk. Having experienced learning and healthcare work in 2 countries (India and UK) she brings international perspectives in these areas to the BoT.  
Fun fact: outside work she is guide dog to her blind dog.

I am a GP with 23 years experience working in the NHS. I qualified in Kolkata and have worked in India for 5 years before moving to the UK. I am a member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) and the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP).

 I hold a masters degree in medical education and I am a GP trainer. Currently, I am a board member of the east Anglia Faculty of the RCGP and part of the Faculty international network.

Jamie Scuffell

Jamie is a Foundation Doctor, and served on various Medsin committees at local and national level, as well as Crossing Borders. Fun fact: Jamie created the Wikipedia article for the Miracle Fruit before Wikipedia got big.

Anya Gopfert

Anya Currently clinical trainee working in paediatrics. Former IFMSA Think Global coordinator, and Medsin International Affairs director / Director of policy and advocacy. 
Fun Fact: Medsin work once landed me on an MI5 watchlist…

Ex-Officio: Benjamin Eder

Ben is a Foundation Doctor, and ex-officio member following his time as National Director. He is also working with Medact Refugee Solidarity Group, and contributing to some research at the UCL Institute of Global Health

Fun fact: Played Chess for England against Wales at primary school!

Ex-Officio: David McCoy

David is our Ex officio board member from Medact. Previous Director of Medact. David is responsible for all aspects of Medact’s work, working closely with the Medact Board of Trustees, sets the overall strategy for Medact.