Students for Global Health Plymouth are pleased to virtually invite you to Britain’s Ocean City for our first national event: SfGH’s annual Autumn Weekend.

Talks and interactive workshops on the topic of displacement will be running throughout the weekend, and national voting will occur on Sunday. Register now!

Students for Global Health UCLAN are hosting our National Conference on 21st-22nd of November virtually, on the topic of Response to public health conflicts. Link to register to be released soon!

Our Global Health Conference is being hosted by SfGH Newcastle on February 27th-28th, on the topic of Breaking barriers: making equity in health a relaity for all! More info to come soon!

Finally this year, UAEM KCL and SfGH KCL have teamed up for our Spring General Assembly on 10th-11th April to bring you the topic The price of life: the secret monopoly behind our medicines. Stay tuned for more info!