Students for Global Health Hull York is a joint organisation between University of Hull and University of York, a part of Hull York Medical School. We are committed to raising awareness towards global health issues and inequalities in health. 

We’ve run events such as World Cafes, Inclusion Health workshops, and many more! Collaborating with current doctors and healthcare professionals in many stages of their training who are interested in global health and the issues around it. We also work with other similar organisations to arrange exchanges, an opportunity for medical students to do clinical placements abroad. 

Follow us on our instagram page @sfgh.hyms or find us on facebook to contact us or get more information! 

Instagram: @sfgh.hyms
Facebook: @HullGlobalHealth

Exchange students from Germany on a social trip to London with committee members
Discussions on Just Transition at World Cafe style event on Climate Health
Discussions on Climate Health in the University of York’s Vedge Cafe
Committee members at the societies fair