Hello! We’re the Sheffield branch of Students for Global health. SfGH started right here at Sheffield University over 20 years ago and we’ve been promoting better global health and spreading awareness on key issues through education ever since. Our mission is to get as many new people involved in these important matters as possible – and not just medics, good health worldwide is everyone’s concern!
Here in the city, we run a variety different event styles throughout the year including guest expert speaker evenings, global health workshops, youth leader training, coffee shop style discussions, film nights, direct community action through volunteering and much more!
This year kicked off with a meet and greet quiz at the Doctor’s Orders where we were astounded to see so many people enthusiastic about getting involved in global health. By the following week, we had delved straight into our autumn programme with a screening of Cries from Syria, where we raised over £45 for Unicef. We’ve also been honoured to have an expert on Schistosomiasis, Stefanie Krauth, travel all the way from Glasgow to give a fascinating talk on neglected tropical diseases.
Next on our agenda is the national conference, in Cardiff, where which we’ll be sending a delegation to find out more about Sexual and Reproductive Health, and our national coordinated theme; Homelessness and Health. Even if you’re new to the society you’re very much welcome to join us, we’re always looking to get more people involved, just get in touch via email or messenger.
To stay in the loop for all our upcoming events, including our flagship event of the year, the Global Health Shortcourse, follow us on social media or sign up to our email mailing list!

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