Call for consultants (SfGH Evaluation)

Call for Consultant to evaluate the ‘Building an Ecosystem of Global Health Advocates’ partnership project between Action for Global Health (AfGH) and Students for Global Health (SfGH)

See the full details here: https://studentsforglobalhealth.org/call-for-trustees/

Electives with Medact

We are beginning the organisation of electives with our Partners, a UK Charity and membership organisation for Health Professionals for a Safer, Fairer & Better World

See the full details here https://studentsforglobalhealth.org/responsible-placements/elective-with-medact/

National Opportunities

Are you interested in hosting a national event; General Assembly or Global Health conference? Do you want to lead a National Coordinated Theme? Maybe you have a motion to submit?

You have until 7th August! 🌻 Find out more about any of these opportunities on our website and apply here: http://ow.ly/kImj50AAwvN

If you have any questions about any of these opportunities please send an email to secretary@studentsforglobalhealth.org

International Opportunities

For a comprehensive list of all our international opportunities please look at our international section.