Medsin’s National Committee comprises students from across the UK who help facilitate the functioning of the network. They are elected annually by the Medsin network at the Spring General Assembly and meet at least four times a year, as well as at Medsin’s Conferences and General Assemblies.

If you would like to get in touch with anyone see below for more information about each individual member and their contact details. If you’re unsure of who to contact, email our Secretary on and she will forward your query to the appropriate person.

Presenting National Committee 2016-2017…

National Director: Benjamin Eder

Stepping up from January 2017, Ben is our fantastic National Director. Having previously served as Training Director, Bristol Medsin Branch President and a project volunteer for affiliate, Ben’s passion for all things Medsin (and global health!) is unmatched.


Director of Branch Affairs: Sam Tweed [Aberdeen]
From empowering students from far up the country, to developing and nurturing branches across Scotland and Northern Ireland as one of last year’s Regional Coordinator, Sam has much expertise and a strong vision to bring to the group.


Director of International Affairs: Liban Ahmed [UEA/Leeds]
Liban has been working as Communications Officer for Medsin International, as well as recently leading the Organising Committee for the successful Spring General Assembly last year. Full of charisma and innovation, he has many ideas planned for the international future of Medsin! 

floGlobal Health Education Director: Florence Mutlow [Leeds]
Florence shared her passion and inspiring Medsin journey at the Spring General Assembly. She has a set of wonderful plans and ideas to implement. The future of Global Health Education looks fantastically bright!

katPolicy and Advocacy Director: Kat Pugh
[Mental Health NWG]

Did you know that Kat has appeared on TV? A passionate campaigner and advocate, she has the expertise and has also experienced first hand the impact campaigning has.

jaredAffiliates Coordinator: Jared Charlton-Webb [Cardiff]
Jared has been to many Medsin conferences and events in the past and has been keen to get involved on a bigger level for some time. After hearing about the work and opportunities out there with our affiliates, Jared felt empowered to get involved. He hopes to bring a fresh new perspective to our relationships with our affiliates and we look forward to see what he has to offer! 

emmaCommunication Director: Emma Champion [London]
Emma joined Medsin at our 2016 Global Health Conference. She is a documentary fiend and loves reading about politics. At university, she launched a charity to support local children with English as an Additional Language with a small team, and has been behind-the-scenes organising a conference with our partner organisation, Medact.

benTraining Directors: Joanna Marsden [Newcastle]
Joanna is our vigorous, vibrant and visionary training director with a penchant for people empowerment. Hailing from the northern realm of Newcastle she is passionate about bringing out the best in Medsinners from around the country. Drop her a line if you want to learn more about the Medsin training network, to get involved or bring it to a branch near you.

aliceSecretary: Alice Blewitt [Sheffield]
I’m always available for you to ask any questions about the website, email accounts or Medsin in general. If I don’t know the answer, I can refer you to someone who probably does! I’m also heading up the Agenda Committee this year which helps to keep Medsin’s democratic processes in order and is reachable at Exciting, I know!

Finance Director: Lizzy Morgan [Leeds]lizzy
Lizzy has had a variety of experience in fundraising and volunteering. She has also brought along a robust plan and strategy for her work for this upcoming year. We’re grateful to have Lizzy joning the team.

gemmaNational Exchanges Officer (Incoming):
Gemma Whyatt [Leeds]

Gemma sees International Exchanges as a hobby and passion and has been involved in exchanges since she was 15!

National Exchanges Officer (Outgoing): lucyLucy Singh [Aberdeen]
Hailing all the way from Aberdeen, Lucy has a lot of exciting ideas and energy to share with us all! This year, she has set up the Exchange Programme at her local Medsin branch and has just completed her Medsin “Training New Trainers” course this April!

National Officer of Research Exchanges: Dylan Goh [Newcastle]

Dylan is the most recent addition to the National Committee, having been elected at MAW 2016. He is really into research exchanges, and if you need any advice send him an email. Say hi to Dylan, he doesn’t bite!


anitaSouth East Regional Coordinator: Anita Bhahirathan [BSMS]
Anita served on the Agenda Committee last year, and has much experience in organising and running large-scale events and conferences in the past. She is keen to continue the passion and energy in our South-east region and we are excited to be having her joining us!

adrienneSouth West Regional Coordinator: Adrienne Lee [Bristol]
Adrienne was one of the Co-Presidents at her local branch last year, and helped to organise the hugely successful Global Health Conference 2016 in Bristol. She has also travelled extensively and has gained a sound appreciation of the inequalities on a global scale. Adrienne has much to offer and she hopes to empower students in the South-west region.


Midlands Regional Coordinator: Matt Quinn [Leicester]
We are privileged to have last year’s Secretary joining us again for this year as a Regional Coordinator! From governance to communications, Matt will bring some great energy to the Midlands for sure!

Northern Regional Coordinator: Huw Lewis huw[Sheffield]
Huw has a passion for making a change, and to push for change. This year, amongst the many other commitments, he as been part of a Medsin Working Group that has been working at a great momentum.

untitled-designScotland & Northern Ireland Regional Coordinator: Ellen Anderson [Glasgow]
She is one of the organising committee members at Glasgow who has put together a lovely proposal for National Conference 2016. A lot of energy and excitement to bring, we’re excited to be having Ellen as our SNI RC!

To contact all the Regional Coordinators at once, please email: