Call for trustees

An exciting opportunity has arisen to join the board of this unique student-led global health charity.

Students for Global Health is a student-led network aiming to make change in global health equity through education, advocacy and community action. It convenes students from around thirty UK universities and affiliated student-led global health organisations. 

The role

This is a great opportunity to join the board of a unique student-led global health charity. The Board of Trustees has the highest level of organisational oversight in Students for Global Health, managing the National Director and providing stewardship of the charity in accordance with Charity Commission regulations. 

About Students for Global Health

Students for Global Health (registered charity number 1111824) is a small student-led charity which works to realise “a fair and just world in which equity in health is a reality for all”.  The charity heads a network of thirty-two local branches and national working groups in various universities across the UK as well as works collaboratively with other organisations around the world on various other activities and projects.  

The charity leadership consists of full-time university students, a national committee of 19 members led by a volunteer National Director, who are elected on a yearly basis by the members of the network. The National Committee is currently supported in their work by a paid staff member (the Coordinator).

Responsibilities and key activities of our Trustees

The Board of Trustees has the highest level of organisational oversight in Students for Global Health. Our Constitution allows for between 5 and 9 trustees, including the previous year’s National Director who sits on the Board for a term of 1 year immediately after their term as National Director. Key areas of responsibility will include:

  • Overseeing the Students for Global Health’s long term strategy
  • Charity governance including:
    • Ensuring legal compliance, with Charity Commission rules and the General Data Protection Regulations
    • Managing financial risk, by reviewing the budget and financial practices
    • Managing reputational risk, by overseeing the Charity’s strategy and activities
    • Managing risk to volunteers, by ensuring the presence and practice of appropriate internal governance mechanisms

For more information on what it means to be a Trustee, see The Essential Trustee from the UK Charity Commission. 

Trustees of Students for Global Health are expected to contribute up to two hours per week to their role. This includes a number of activities:

  • Keeping up-to-date with Charity Commission requirements, mainly reporting of the Charity’s activities
  • Liaising with National Committee members, mainly to oversee the Charity’s strategy and to react to any emergent issues requiring Trustee input
  • Liaising with other members of the Board to ensure the Board is fulfilling its objectives
  • Planning and contributing to Board meetings
  • Joint problem-solving with members of the National Committee

Trustees are expected to be available for at least three quarterly three-hour face-to-face meetings during their tenure. These meetings are currently being held online. 

Successful applicants will serve a three-year term, with the opportunity for re-election.  Unfortunately, due to the size of our charity, we are unable to pay for expenses such as travel and childcare; however, alternative arrangements to face-to-face meetings can be accommodated.   

How To Apply

Candidates should fill in this application form, which includes the following:

  • Upload your CV (2 pages maximum) 
  • Upload a letter of motivation in support of their application (250 words maximum)
  • Prospective trustees will also need to sign a declaration to confirm that they are not disqualified from acting as a charity trustee. This should also be uploaded. 

Candidates will subsequently undergo a telephone interview by arrangement. A summary of these interviews as well as the letter of application and CVs will be made available to the Voting Members of Students for Global Health. Candidates will then be invited to deliver a three minute presentation to the network at the next general assembly. The outcome of applications will be decided upon through a vote by the members at the General Assembly and all applicants will be informed of the outcome by the end of the weekend.

Contact Details

More information about Students for Global Health  can be found on our website, Should you have specific questions regarding this opportunity, please email

Applicants should be committed to the vision of Students for Global Health, and its ethos of being led by students. Please do consider applying even if you have not had previous experience on a trustee board. In particular, we seek applicants with experience in the following areas, especially if in the context of charities/non-profit organisations:

  • Accountancy and/or financial risk management
  • Managing volunteers
  • Human resources and/or employment law
  • Public relations and/or communications

We are always interested in increasing the diversity of our Board, so we are particularly keen to recruit individuals from all areas of the community. We strive to make our meetings as accessible as possible.