We are very excited to announce our elective partnership for Students for Global Health members with Medact, as part of our ethical elective initiative. We want all electives to be ethical, sustainable and benefit more than just one student. To that end, we hope this programme will not only provide an opportunity for you to develop skills in research and campaigning, as well as gain insight into the role of civil society in health policy; but we also hope this placement will contribute to both Students for Global Health and Medact’s work more broadly, to help us work towards our shared vision of a fair and just world in which equity in health is a reality for all.

Who can apply?

To apply for this scheme you must be:

  • A medical student, healthcare professional or trainee
  • In the 4th year of study or further (including any previous degrees)
  • Be available for at least 4 weeks – although the longer, the better

If you feel particularly passionate about this elective programme but do not meet these requirements, email ghe@studentsforglobalhealth.org

Who are Medact?

Medact shares our vision for equity in health, and with it a recognition of the role political structures play in enabling (or denying) the conditions for a healthy life through the social determinants of health. They are comprised of a community of health professionals, who alongside a small team of paid staff in London, work to mobilise the political voice of healthcare workers to make change.

Their main projects at the moment are focused on fossil-free health including air pollution and divestment, demilitarisation and peaceful ways to resolve conflict; and refugee rights and health which includes challenging the new charging regulations in the NHS. However, their priorities can change depending on pressing global health issues. Similarly to Students for Global Health, they have city-based branches who work on local issues, as well as project focused groups which link members across the country who share a passion about a particular topic, e.g. a Refugee Solidarity Group.

Medact play a vital role in campaigning for social justice. Their membership of health professionals ensures they have a well-respected role in providing first-hand experience and knowledge into matters that affect health. In particular, they are an important source of public health-focused research to add weight to campaigns for change. See some of their publications here.

What will my placement involve?

The work undertaken during the elective placement will depend on Medact’s current priorities and your skills, experience and interests. We want this placement to help you develop skills in research and campaigning, contribute to Medact’s work and benefit Students for Global Health more broadly by bringing those skills into our network.

Past elective programmes have involved compiling research on the public health impacts of charging for healthcare. The research will be used in Medact’s campaign against the regulations that have introduced upfront charging into the NHS.

How to apply?

If you are passionate about global health, research or campaigning, and feel your placement with Medact could not only benefit you but the wider Medact and Students for Global Health network then please put in an application here.

If you don’t meet our application requirements, or feel you wouldn’t be able to find or afford accommodation in London for a month but you would still like to apply, please get in touch to discuss options further.

If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch with ghe@studentsforglobalhealth.org.

Good luck!


Medact is an Official Partner of Students for Global Health – You can find out more about them on partners page or on their website.