March 2021 Update

After our last update in November 2020, our new COP26 National Working Group has been hard at work with events, campaigns, collaborations, and everything climate! Read below what we’ve been up to, what’s coming up, and how you can get involved…

Our work so far
There have been a number of exciting updates from our teams, as we’ve focussed on delivering national campaigns, webinars, and projects:

  • COP26 Letter Campaign

In December 2020, alongside MedAct, Health Declares, and the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, we launched our letter to the government calling on them to prioritise the health of people and planet at COP26 this year! To date, it’s received an incredible 1300+ signatures and support from several Royal Colleges, such as the RCGP, RCP and RC Psych, as well as featured in the BMJ

The voice of the medical community is hugely influential and we demand the government shows leadership in its climate action. If you haven’t already – add your name to the letter here.

  • Climate Justice Webinar Series

Earlier this year, we hosted a webinar series focusing on global health and climate justice. It’s been a big success, with over 40 people attending every webinar! There have been some inspiring speakers and topics, so make sure you catch up on our YouTube channel to not miss out!

  • Show the Love Campaign

Being part of The Climate Coalition, we joined this year’s annual campaign called Show The Love. The aim is to use the power of green hearts to join together and urge politicians to prioritise the climate!

We ran a series of regional training sessions called ‘Climate Change and Health 101’, with loads of people attending across the UK! It is so exciting to see so many people take part and the feedback we received has been very positive.

The Climate Coalition has also published a report on the impact of climate change on our health. You can read the report here!

  • Collaboration with Klima Action Malaysia and Germinis

We have teamed up with Klima Action Malaysia (KAMY) and Germinis for the project ‘Weaving Hopes for the Future’, which will showcase artwork from indigenous Malaysian communities at COP26. It has been even more exciting to secure a grant from the British Council to help run this amazing initiative. Our NWG Chair, Amit, worked alongside Germinis and KAMY to pitch to key stakeholders at the British Council Malaysia Pitching event. 

The project even made it into the Malaysian news! Click here to read the article.

  • Climate Change on the Curriculum (CConC)

We’ve launched our Climate Change on the Curriculum initiative – aiming for better representation of climate change on medical school curricula. We’ve already recruited a fantastic team of Climate Reps from universities across the UK and are holding training sessions on how to push for changes at university.

We’re still looking for enthusiastic members to join our team so if you’d like to get involved, email with your name, university, and whether you are involved in SfGH in some way! It’s not too late to sign up – training sessions are being run until May!

  • Events we’ve been part of

We’ve been busy banging the drum about the climate crisis and its health effects at many events over the past few months!

Rhiannon, our Policy and Advocacy Director, recently ran a seminar for the London School of Tropical Medicine on climate change and health inequalities, and spoke alongside IFMSA Liaison Officer for Public Health Omnia El-Omrani as part of Mock COP26 in November. You can listen to the seminar here!

Amit, our NWG Chair, also delivered training on Climate and Health to the IFMSA-Pakistan Capacity Building team. Don’t hesitate to email us for resources! Amit also spoke at the launch event of the Climate and Health research briefing as a part of the COP26 letter campaign.

Coming up

We’ve teamed up with MedAct on the Health for a Green New Deal (H4GND) campaign! There are exciting events, building up momentum to lobby MPs for a green future:

  • 23rd March – Online Storytelling action
  • 8th April – Public Health and the GND briefing launch
  • 17-18th April – Climate-Health-Justice, Launch Gathering for HGND
  • 22nd april – MP Lobbying training with Hope for Future
  • 3rd-10th May – Health Lobby of MPs for Green Jobs 

Look out for updates on our social media, and get involved where possible!

More work on Climate on the Curriculum (CConC)

  • We’re still looking for enthusiastic members to become Climate Reps, who want to put Climate Change on their university’s curriculum! We’re running training sessions until May, so if you’re interested, please email us with your name, university, and if you’re involved with SfGH in any way.
  • Well be working with the International Medical Education Collaboration on Climate and Sustainability (IMECCS) to deliver the next two training sessions, plus find out how best to support the Climate Reps in changing the curricula.

    IMECCS are aiming to create a website with climate change and sustainability resources specifically designed for medical schools’ curricula. Keep your eyes peeled!

We are excited to announce the ‘Exploring the Concerns and Climate Demands of the UK Youth’ SfGH Research Project being led by the COP26 NWG research team! This exciting study aims to understand the climate change concerns, and demands for the Government which will be used to push for parliamentary lobbying and action in the run to COP26! Expect a questionnaire in your inbox soon!

We’ll soon be presenting our work at the Planetary Health Alliance conference (PHAC) on 30th April 2021! We’ll be focusing on the links between climate and health, climate justice, and how Students for Global Health is advocating for change.

Even though we’re looking forward to the next academic year and a new committee, we’re making plans to keep sustained action going in Climate Change and Health beyond this year of the Coordinated Theme. There are (and will continue to be!) many opportunities to get involved and advocate for change at a local level, so read below on how you can take action…

How you can get involved

Find us on our social media ( or send us an email ( We’d love to hear feedback or new ideas from you!

The events of the campaign will be running through April and May, but you can also join the Whatsapp group chat by clicking here. If you’d like to get further involved, consider becoming an ambassador for SfGH and filling out this form before April 17th 2021!

Climate Reps
It’s not too late to get involved with Climate on the Curriculum! If you’d like to become a Climate Rep for your university and get training sessions on creating change at your institution, email us with your name, university, and whether you’re involved in SfGH in any way!

Toolkit for branches

Climate Change & Health Policy

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