Meet the Theme Team

We are a team of four medical students (plus our Policy and Advocacy Director and Director of International Affairs!) who are passionate about climate change action in our roles as future healthcare workers. We got together to continue the work of last year’s theme and expand it even more. Keep an eye out for an upcoming video with our introductions! 

The Coordinated Theme Team is bursting with ideas. We want to keep our efforts targeted towards making a big impact: educating, campaigning, making our demands clear to policy-makers. This means we’d like to gain some momentum by getting as many members and non-members alike on board with us! You can read more about our plans and how you can get involved on our website!

Our work so far

Climate Change & Health had been voted in to be our Coordinated Theme a second year in a row. Despite only having launched two months ago, we have already been hard at work and are setting up for a fantastic year. Have a read of what we’ve accomplished so far:

  • Policy passed: In October 2020, we proposed a landmark policy focusing on Climate Change and Health, where we outlined how crucial it is for us to act on the climate emergency and how we will commit to advocating for change. SfGH branches voted for it to be passed and we are on our way to implementing these Call to Action!

(Have a read of the policy here!)

  • NWG focussed on COP: We have formed a new National Working Group specifically focusing on our efforts towards COP26. (What is COP26, you ask? We explain a few paragraphs down!). We will be working on various projects, including research, campaigns, and Climate on the Curriculum. We will be introducing the new team soon through our social media. Thank you to all those who applied, it’s wonderful to see so many students enthusiastic to get involved! 
  • Collaborations: Working with other organisations is an important part of gaining traction with the movement. We are working with groups such as The Climate Coalition, Action for Global Health, Medact, and many more to share ideas and make the biggest impact. Many climate groups are not focussed on health, and vice versa for health groups, so we, as Students for Global Health, have the opportunity to bridge this gap and join the movements!

Educational toolkit: We have updated the toolkit for branches, which includes many resources and explanations for event-planning, hosting, and more around Climate Change and Health. Find it here.

Coming up this month

For climate change in general: 

There are many initiatives from the general climate change movement we invite our members to get involved with:

  • 16 November – The COP26 Coalition’s Why Health Justice is Climate Justice (part of their fantastic 5-day event)
  • Medact are working on an exciting campaign to be announced very soon. As collaborators, we will be supporting and sharing this with you all, so keep your eyes peeled!

For the theme

  • January – We’re organising a COP26 webinar, to explain what this is, why it’s important, and how we’re all very excited to be preparing for it! Details are still being ironed out, so keep an eye out on our social media.
  • We will be looking to expand our Climate on the Curriculum initiative, which will include opportunities to become a rep for your university. Don’t miss out!


COP26 stands for Conference of the Parties, the key UN climate change conference, and their upcoming meeting will be their 26th conference. This is attended by countries that signed a UN agreement on Climate Change to show their 

COP was due to take place in November 2020 in Glasgow, but due to the current global situation, it has been postponed until November 2021. This is a critical opportunity for the UK. We will be hosting this international conference with world leaders and experts, who will be deciding the next steps to take. This is also a global stage for us to have our voice and our demands heard, as future healthcare professionals concerned about climate change and its effects.

You’ve already read about some of our upcoming plans above. Until February 2021, we want to educate through many events, campaigns and opportunities for you to get involved. Leading up to COP26, we will be collating data on students’ views on climate change and what we want done about it, alongside actively pushing for change on a wider scale.

How you can get involved

Find us on our social media ( or send us an email ( We’d love to hear feedback or new ideas from you!

Toolkit for branches

Climate Change & Health Policy

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