Director of International Affairs

Isaac Florence

Isaac Florence

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Twitter: @IsaacATFlorence

Isaac moves into a new role as Director of International Affairs after his election at the Spring General Assembly in Sheffield, formerly the Communications Director, this is his second term on National Committee

“I am delighted to be stepping into the role of DIA – over the last year I have been heavily involved in the IFMSA and am thrilled to be leading SfGH and the UK’s voice in that arena. I have loved my year as Communications Director and am excited about this new challenge. 

There is a lot of work to do for me and the international team: continuing the ever-present battle with funding issues, increasing the availability of opportunities, increasing accountability to SfGH branches, expanding the exchanges programme, create opportunities for UK students abroad and for IFMSA members in the UK. If you’d like to be a part of this work or have any questions, send me an email, I’m looking forward to hearing from you”

The Director of International Affairs is responsible for maintaining SfGH’s membership to the IFMSA and facilitating international opportunities for our members, such as attending international meetings or interning with the United Nations or World Health Organisation. They act as the National Member Organisation President within IFMSA, lead delegations to their events and directs international policy, advocacy, and capacity building, on behalf of Students for Global Health. They also oversee the professional and research exchange programme.

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Bylaw mandated responsibilities:

1.4.3. Director of International Affairs To assume or support the work of the National Director whenever necessary. To be responsible for receiving all correspondence from the IFMSA, and dealing with it in an appropriate manner, collaborating with other National Committee members where appropriate. To attend IFMSA General Assemblies and Regional Meetings and act as delegation lead, or to make suitable arrangements to ensure participation of Students for Global Health delegates. Preparing and supporting delegations to IFMSA events and other international events by coordinating application, selection, training, attendance, follow-up and evaluation of delegations. To support the work of the National Exchange Officers To act as the contact point for the National Exchange Officers and to represent exchanges on the National Committee To support individuals engaging in IFMSA Affiliates such as small working groups, taskforces and related conferences. To actively seek out and act as a point of contact between the network and other international partners. To present a report of the August General Assembly of the IFMSA at the Students for Global Health Autumn Weekend, and to present a report of the March General Assembly of the IFMSA at the Spring General Assembly, for adoption.