Coordinated theme 2019/20 – Climate Change and Health

For 2019/20, the Coordinated Theme was Climate Change and Health and this is hopefully being carried forward for 2020/21, which is really exciting news given that COP26 is being hosted in Glasgow, Scotland in 2021. 

Over this year, we have focused on education, advocacy and action. Read on to see what we have done: 

The Conference titled ‘Vital Signs: Our Planet, Our Health’ was held at UEA in November 2019 and was attended by over 100 delegates.

The education toolkit was created with the aim to help groups around the UK to setup and facilitate discussions and workshops about climate change and health. To do this we are in the process of collating a wide range of information such as potential speakers, delivery styles and materials for further reading.

A policy on sustainable healthcare was submitted and passed at the SGA 2020, setting out principles for action to guide the decisions made by SfGH members, local branches and the national committee. 

Our members attended the climate strikes that took place over the course of the year and we circulated material on our social media to encourage SfGH members to do the same. 

We ran an essay competition for World Earth Day, with the winning entry going up on the SfGH blog. 

We co-hosted a webinar, “The Climate Emergency Declared: One Year On” with The Climate Coalition, Medact and Action for Global Health. 

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