Crossing Borders


Crossing Borders is an international network of students with a mission to remove barriers to healthcare for refugees, asylum seekers, and undocumented migrants. They work to improve the health of refugees and asylum seekers via practical community action (e.g. campaigning), and education (e.g. awareness training). They currently have branches in Sheffield and Glasgow! Please get in contact if you want to join or are considering setting up a Crossing Borders branch in your home city!

Why this issue is important

Asylum seekers and undocumented migrants get a rough deal in the UK. Universal healthcare doesn’t quite apply universally, as it turns out, and asylum seekers who have been refused asylum in England are not eligible for full healthcare on the NHS. These people can’t go home: they have no money to. In most cases they are given no money by the state; they are destitute and reliant on charitable contributions to give them shelter and food. Crossing Borders campaigns for access to healthcare for them. They believe that they should have the right to shelter, accommodation, food and health just like any other human being, regardless of citizenship. They also think that the duties of health professionals should never extend to being immigration officials.