Why Policy?

Written by Beth Malcomson and Julia Symons

Why should I write policy?

Feeling inspired after the Global Health Conference? Want to make your mark? Is there an issue that you feel especially strongly about?

Well, now is your chance to channel that passion and use it to help shape our network. In the lead up to the SGA, we are accepting policy submissions from branch members, and would want to hear from you.

“But what difference will it make?” we hear you ask. Policy is at the heart of Medsin’s activities. Having strong, evidenced-base policy enables us to state Medsin’s position on an issue and call its members to action. Policy statements are particularly useful when it comes to issues that may attract media coverage as they present clearly the position of the network, since they are voted on and accepted by our Voting Members.

At last year’s Spring General Assembly in Norwich no new policies were submitted- now it’s up to you!

In which areas do we need policy?

In line with this year’s theme, and that of the Global Health Conference, we need policy on areas relating to gender. Issues you could write about include: gender-based violence, sex work, and breastfeeding.

Policy statements that are now out of date include climate change and health, global research and development systems and NHS privatisation.

But I don’t know how to write a policy!

Fear not! If you didn’t have the chance to attend the relevant workshop at conference, there are a number of excellent resources available.

Please contact Policy Research Officers, Beth and Julia for further support and guidance. They can help by providing guidelines and a template to help structure your policy and provide informal feedback to help ensure its approved.

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