What made you apply for the role of comms director?

Before applying, I was already having fun with the others on the Medsin comms team. What we did was exciting and meaningful and along the way, I’ve learnt how rewarding and exciting it can be to engage everyone in global health issues through the use of social media and other innovative methods. Furthermore, my involvement with Medsin has taught me A LOT about global health, political issues and what effective actions we can take.

When the position of comms director became available, I just thought to myself, “why not take this further and see what we can all do?”.

Why do you think that comms are important for Medsin?

On a grand level, effective communication plays an essential part in getting the messages across, collaborations and ensuring the smooth running of projects and networks. As a community of thousands of students and collaborators, and a dynamic range of projects and activities, Medsin needs communication!

On more specific levels, the nature of Medsin’s work focusses on advocacy, education and training – these are areas closely interwined with communication on individual and community levels. Simply put, you can’t do without communication! 🙂

Did the role turn out to be how you expected?

Mainly no, but that just shows how dynamic and varied this role can be!

I gathered a great amount of insight into the work done by the comms team, and expected the role of CommsDirector to extend from it (with more emphasis on organisation and management). However, it turned out to be much more than just a facilitator role.

Beside taking the lead in meetings, management of social media/publicity and project plans, I was also an ambassador, a photographer/designer, an editor, and also a nosy journalist! It’s been tough but great!

What is your favourite part of the role?

A lot! But I’d say, nothing quite beats the chance to hang around with awesome people from Medsin and affiliates! We’ve regular meet-ups (both online and in-person) and it’s great to always catch up with everyone, as well as planning fun things together! As a Medsinner, you get to meet incredible people from all across the UK, Europe and globally, and as the Comms Director, you get to plan and share the latest news with the rest of the network – that’s an honour!

What is your least favourite part of the role?

Probably the admin stuff, like emails and paperwork – the duller side of any work really. But luckily, the work within Medsin communications is generally quite varied and there are always a lot of opportunities available to take different things further!

If you did the role over again, what would you differently?

I’d work with the comms team (and any others available) to come up with a rough-plan for the year, define our goals, the purpose/use of various resources, as well as getting any work (particularly preparatory) done ASAP. This year, a lot of the work we’ve done have been quite last-minute and I wouldn’t want to see the same kind of stress being repeated if we can avoid it!

Posted by Alice Blewitt

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