We’re celebrating our very own SfGH student nurses and midwives this World Health Day. This is Rachael, chair of SfGH Plymouth and third-year student nurse (adult field), and her reflection on getting involved with SfGH.

“Being a part of SfGH has been a huge part of my university experience. I’ve gained life-long friends, skills and opportunities that I never believed I’d be doing 3 years down the line! From leading a multi-disciplinary committee of 10, to organising a national conference to being shortlisted for a contribution to the community award; my time with SfGH has given me a raft of skills to take forward into my nursing career including leadership, prioritisation, team-working, as well as global health knowledge!

In the future, I hope to combine an interest in global health and access to healthcare with my nursing career. I’ve always been a multiple-hat-wearing person, and would love to use the knowledge, connections and experience gained from my time with SfGH in practice. In the south-west, we have great links to some fantastic projects, as well as a sought-after global health MSc programme here at Plymouth. Maybe one day?

When I joined, the Plymouth branch was very medic-orientated, but last year we had a committee of 4 different professions. This has led to a growth in our membership, and a wonderful diversity of conversation and ideas at our events. Global Health is not limited just medicine, and we’ve been delighted to welcome student architects, midwives, engineers, psychologists, environmental scientists and many more this year.

I hope this is my biggest legacy from leading the branch for the last 2 years, and SfGH Plymouth can continue to flourish in many years to come.

2020 is the Year of the Nurse and Midwife. All over the world, countries are facing huge challenges in providing health care due to scarce resources, the rising burden of chronic disease and the impact of emerging factors such as climate change and migration. Nurses will be a key part of the solution to today’s health challenges and 2020 is the perfect opportunity to raise the status and profile of our profession. Students for Global Health has lit a spark within me, and I hope to be a part of the solution.”

One thought on “World Health Day 2020 – In the Year of the Nurse and Midwife

  1. This is an inspiring piece of writing Rachael. Your activism and your positivism is so refreshing and gives us all faith in the future and your ideas about a holistic approach to global health is a brilliant legacy. Well done and a beautiful observation on your profession and health in general.


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