Our network is incredible. You – our members – are the global health leaders of today, as well as of the future. Each of you is passionate, driven and motivated. You make up amazing branches and affiliates across the UK, working tirelessly towards our vision of a fair and just world in which equity in health is a reality for all. But how can we truly come together as a movement to achieve this vision if we don’t know where we are going? Without direction, we can’t impact global health to the best of our abilities. Without direction, we risk the efforts being made by each individual member, each branch, each affiliate being lost.

This is why we need a Strategy – a 3 year plan for the network. A direction for the next 3 years. A direction decided by you, our members.

This isn’t the first time Students for Global Health has had a Strategy. The first “Long Term Development Plan (LTDP)” spanned 2010-2012, and we’re now coming to the end of the second Long Term Development Plan which was passed at Spring General Assembly in 2016. Each of these Strategies was built upon input from members across the network and laid out a plan for the network over a period of a few years in order to be that step closer to achieving our vision.

So how are we going to get the next Strategy created?

1. We need your input.

This is your network and it is up to you to decide where it is going. We want you to have ownership over this Strategy – and for this, we need you to get stuck in and give us your input. This form has been created for you to give your input – it is divided into different areas relating to different parts of the network. Please feel free to give input into all of the areas, but if you’d just like to give input to one area that is equally fine.

There will be other chances at upcoming Online Meetings and Regional Training Days to give input as well – watch this space!

2. Join the team!

This Strategy is for all of us. We are looking for volunteers to join the small team of us from the National Committee who are working on this Strategy. Whether you’re new to the network or a seasoned Students for Global Health-er, we’d love to have you on board! You can indicate your interest to get involved on the form.

Please, please, please take 15 minutes to give us your thoughts. We can’t go anywhere without them!

If you have any questions at all, get in touch with us at strategy@studentsforglobalhealth.org.

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