The Divide by Jason Hickel 713Xy1T9xOL

‘A world economic system that was designed over hundreds of years to enrich a small portion of humanity at the expense of the vast majority’

Jason Hickel in his phenomenal book, The Divide, takes the reader on a journey that will fundamentally change our understanding of the world and inspires us to come together to shape a future that puts humanity and solidarity at its heart.

The Divide combines powerful evidence with the personal narrative of people and planet to systematically deconstruct a global economic system fixated on ‘growth’ at all costs, that is “failing the majority of humanity.”

Whilst Hickel uses data to refute the global narrative of the causes and solutions to poverty, what makes The Divide so transforming is Hickel’s underlying belief that ‘global inequality is not a matter of numbers and figures and historical events. It is about real lives, real people. It is about the aspirations of communities and social movements over generations, even centuries. It is about the belief, shaken with doubt from time to time but otherwise firm, that another world is possible.’

If there is one book to read this year on Global Health, it is this.

‘When myths fall apart, revolutions happen’

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