UHC Simulation

Made using the IFMSA UHC Simulation Manual

Step One: Head to your Home! (Hint: First number in your zoom name)

Step Two: Find your character group description by clicking on the buttons below and meet your family for the day! (Hint: the first letter in your zoom name)

Step Three: Figure out who will be who in the family! (Your Home facilitator will help control the noise in the room)

Step Four: Choose an action card by clicking on the buttons below. If the action card doesn’t suit your family, choose another one!

Step Five: If you need to make a choice discuss with your Home facilitator about your choice, and then head over to the appropriate setting or choose another action card!

Settings (Home/Recovery zone = Room)

Step Six: Once you complete your action in a setting, come back to your Home and repeat from Step Four.