SGA motions – submissions and applications

What positions and roles are available for election at SGA?

At our Spring General Assembly (SGA), you (the voting members) vote on a number of applications for positions and roles in the Medsin network for the following year.

All of the roles on the National and Agenda Committees are currently open for applications! You can see more information on these roles here.

The deadline for applying for of these positions is midnight on Thursday 6th April.

How to run for a position:

  1. Have a read of the job descriptions. Once you’ve read them all, think about which you are most passionate about, and which you feel you could contribute the most to. This does not necessarily mean years of experience within Medsin – just enthusiasm and passion for global health! The descriptions of what each role entails can be found in our bylaws, here. And keep an eye out for blogs from our current committee members!
  2. We strongly recommend you get in touch with the person currently in that role to find out more about what the position entails – see here for who to contact.
  3. There are various categories of positions: you can apply for up to one position in each category, so if there’s more than one job you’re passionate about then you can consider applying to more than one role. The roles are then voted on by category: for example, if you are not elected into a Category A, then your candidature will still stand for Category B, and so on. This is also explained in the bylaws.
  4. To apply, fill in this form, and submit a statement of motivation of up to 500 words outlining your reasons for applying and your relevant past experience to by midnight on Thursday 6th April.
  5. Get your ticket and come to the SGA! Be prepared to make a short 2 minute speech and answer 2 minutes of questions to the friendly voting members in advance of their voting!Keep an eye on your emails and social media for more info about the upcoming SGA. We look forward to hearing from you!

Medsin National Committee:

Medsin’s National Committee comprises students from across the UK who help facilitate the functioning of our network. They are elected annually at the Spring General Assembly and meet at least four times a year, as well as at Medsin Conferences and General Assemblies. Find out about the current committee here, and learn more about their roles here.

Medsin Agenda Committee:

The Agenda Committee are responsible for the transparent working of Medsin, by adhering and advising on our democratic processes outlined in the governance (Constitution, Bylaws, Policy statements, and Guidance statements). There are three electable agenda committee roles up for grabs, email for more information. We’d love for you to join our team!

If you would like to get in touch with anyone see here for each role’s contact details. If you’re unsure of who to contact, email our secretary (Alice) on and she will forward your query to the appropriate person.