Anna Casey

Hi! I’m Anna, a final year medical student at Brighton and Sussex Medical School. I’ll be your Secretary this year, where I’ll be organising the voting for key events like the Autumn Weekend and Spring General Assembly, as well as the general admin for the National Committee such as taking minutes, making sure documentation is up to date, and leading the Agenda Committee. I’m really excited about our Coordinated Theme this year and making sure that all SfGH members have a chance to find out what we’re up to behind the scenes and get involved! Attending conferences and events organised by SfGH in my time at university was the motivation for me getting involved with the Agenda Committee last year, and I’m looking forward to seeing where SfGH can go this year!

Bylaw mandated responsibilities:

  1. Be responsible for the administration, correspondence and archives of Students for Global Health.
  2. Produce the minutes of the National Committee meetings and make them available to the network.
  3. Update  the  Constitution  and  By-laws  with  the  changes decided  upon at the General Assembly and make it always available to the network, within 2 months following the date of the General Assembly.
  4. Prepare and send out invitations, provisional agenda and other relevant information concerning General Assembly meetings.
  5. Assist the Director of Branch Affairs in maintaining the contact between the Members and the National Committee.
  6. Maintain an updated database of Students for Global Health Members.
  7. Chair the Students for Global Health Agenda Committee.
  8. Co-ordinate the creation of operational teams for various members of the national committee. 
  9. Ensure the promotion of equality and diversity across the network
    1. Use the available data to analyse the equality and diversity of the Students for Global Health network
    2. Analyse data to reveal barriers preventing adequate implementation of equality and diversity within the membership and committees
    3. Work closely with DBA, RCs and CD to work towards removing these barriers to inclusions