AVS – Association of Veterinary Students UK & Ireland

The AVS and Students for Global Health (SfGH) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) during the 2017 Spring General Assembly, confirming them as partner organisations.

The AVS is the official student branch of the British Veterinary Association and also incorporates the UK branch of the IVSA (International veterinary Students Association) who are partnered with the IFMSA. This means the IVSA-UK undertake the same work as SfGH: representing veterinary students and medical students respectively on the world stage.

The AVS and SfGH collaborate on many topics mainly surrounding the human-animal health interface, known as ‘One Health’. Students for Global Health welcomes students of all backgrounds to participate fully in our nationwide activities and extends this invitation to all AVS members.


Mission: To holistically support veterinary students through their studies, represent their views and interests and engage them in the wider issues of the profession.

The AVS represents veterinary students at all of the 9 vet schools in the UK and Ireland. Our aim is to improve veterinary student life and education by providing representation, support and encouraging engagement in wider issues of the profession. Formed in 1942, we are a division of the British Veterinary Association (BVA).

The AVS acts as a bridge between students and other areas of the profession. Executive committee members frequently attend meetings with the BVA, the RCVS and many other professional and student organisations, with the explicit aim of ensuring that student opinion is considered when creating policies that concern students. The AVS has recently further incorporated the International Veterinary Students’ Association (IVSA) into its meetings so as to add to the strengths of each organisation.

Vet school reps act as a link with other vet schools and are able to present issues to the main committee, and seek opinion from their own student body on matters that concern the AVS.


Policy & Student Engagement:

  • Ensuring accurate and effective representation of students by creating AVS policies that encapsulate our opinions on important issues.
  • Engaging students in current issues relevant to the veterinary profession.
  • Ensuring accurate representation of the student body by regular surveying and consultation of the student body.


  • Promoting high standards of student welfare for all vet students.
  • Providing events and resources that promote positive welfare in all vet schools.
  • Contributing to the development and promoting the available student support services provided by the Veterinary Benevolent Fund (VBF).
  • Increasing awareness and encouraging debate of animal welfare issues in partnership with the Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF).

Member Services Group:

  • Identifying and providing useful services and resources for all student members. These may be educational, careers or welfare related.
  • Identifying and promoting diverse opportunities available to vet students.
  • Providing student-friendly, up-to-date, generic advice to potential veterinary applicants.

The IVSA (United Kingdom and Ireland)

From 2016 the IVSA (UK and Ireland) and the AVS have been integrated to become one family! This means that we can use all our resources to promote and help veterinary students both at home and abroad!

The IVSA have a sub-committee within the AVS committee. Their roles include:

  • Encouraging veterinary students to use their knowledge and abilities for the benefit of both animals and humans
  • Supporting measures to improve the standard of animal welfare worldwide
  • Providing opportunities for veterinary students to undertake education in important areas outside traditional veterinary training
  • Encouraging cooperation between veterinary students and international organisations
  • Acting within the constitution of the IVSA UK and Ireland