National Exchange Officer (Incoming)

Giorgia Appolloni

Hello! I’m Giorgia, and I’m the National Exchange Officer for incoming students. My job involves liaising with local exchange officers from the UK, and a whole international team so I can facilitate professional exchanges for medical students from all over the world, so they can come and work and visit in the UK for 4 weeks! I also work closely with Ankita, the NEO for outgoing students. 

Together with the current local committee, I founded a SfGH Branch at my university in Swansea because I am very interested in Global Health. I soon discovered that SfGH is a wonderful environment, full of keen and dedicated students who have forward thinking ideas and know how to have fun! Being part of SfGH allowed me to experience the intercultural world of IFMSA. Getting to know students from all over the world in IFMSA events really motivated me in taking up a role in the international team. I have experienced the benefits of exchanges myself and I think it is such an amazing and enriching experience. Therefore I am thrilled to be part of a team that can make this valuable experience happen at its best, for any foreign student willing to come to the UK!

Bylaw mandated responsibilities:

National Exchange Officer (Incoming)

See Appendix 4 – Students for Global Health Exchanges By-laws

Be responsible for facilitating professional exchanges in the UK, primarily for Incoming students, in consultation with the NEO (Outgoing).

Be responsible for working with the other NEO and the Students for Global Health- UK National Committee to work towards the national aims, by expanding Students for Global Health Exchanges on a national level.

Together with the other NEO, a financial report for Students for Global Health Exchanges will be compiled to be presented at the National Students for Global Health Autumn Weekend.