Global Health Education Director

Paulomi Sengupta

As Global Health Education Director, my role is all about spreading the word on global health. Whether that’s helping branches run short courses, hosting interactive sessions or social media campaigns – I’m happy to help! Also make sure to check out the Hub on the SfGH website for educational resources and toolkits to help you host your own local global health education events. Finally, keep an eye on our social media for opportunities to get involved in bigger projects across the network!

Our plans for the year:

  • Working on the coordinated theme: Race & Health is the focus of this year with a host of exciting opportunities to learn and get involved. Make sure to check out our page in the Fresher’s booklet and social media to learn more.
  • Supporting the launch of the Global Health Education in Schools (GHEiS) programme, alongside the GHEiS Director: another opportunity for members to get involved in global health education on a local and national level!
  • Liaising with members to run global health education sessions and offering resources: we’re talking podcasts, newsletters, social media snapshots of issues and much more!

We’re really excited to hear more from our members on what you’d like to learn more about and any ideas you have about global health education, so please feel free to get in contact with me at any time 🙂

Bylaw mandated responsibilites:

  1. Support the mainstreaming of global health education into the core medical curriculum.
  2. Maintain and promote the Students for Global Health Global Health Education Toolkit.
  3. Promote opportunities and sources for student extracurricular self- study of global health.
  4. Update and manage a database of Local Students for Global Health Branch Health Education Officers.
  5. Promote global health education opportunities that Affiliates, in collaboration with the Students for Global Health Director of Branch Affairs, Regional Coordinators, Policy & Advocacy Director, Affiliates Coordinator and Training Director.
  6. Chair the National Global Health Education Operational Team, members of which will support in achieving Students for Global Health’s Global Health Education initiatives.
  7. Offer Global Health Education training at General Assemblies.
  8. Represent  Students  for  Global  Health’s  views  on  the  UK electives system  to  the Medical  Schools  Council  (MSC) Electives Council and attend the annual MSC Electives Council Electives Conference.  ​If they  cannot  attend,  nominate  an appropriate person in their place.
  9. To support the work of the National Exchange Officers in promoting and developing the IFMSA Exchange programme.
  10. To support the work of the Global Health Education in Schools (GHEiS) Coordinator