Ethical Trade in Healthcare

Aims and objectives:

NHS spends over £30 billion per annum on procurement of goods and services. The majority of supply chains delivering the commodities are global entities. There is growing evidence that the basic employment rights of people in the supply chains are being breached.

UNCOMFORTABLE PARADOX: 10 million surgical instruments used in the UK each year come from Sialkot, Northern Pakistan where there has been evidence of child labour, unsafe working conditions, low wages (£2 p/d) and other human rights violations which can be detrimental to these worker’s health.

Ethical Trade in Healthcare works to promote the adoption of ethical procurement in NHS Trusts across the UK. We want to build an international community of enthusiastic, dedicated, like-minded people to be a part of a growing network to EDUCATE, ADVOCATE and ACT.

We need your help to create a demand for CHANGE!

  • Educate (ourselves and others): investigate and understand current practices in our NHS
  • Advocate (grassroots): spreading the reach further (examples: corridor conversations, petitions, film showings)
  • Act (approach the leaders): engage and arrange meetings with key figures within, or involved, with our Hospital Trust (examples: Chief Executives, Procurement officers, Local MP)

If you would like to get involved or find out more, contact: , or visit BMA Fair Medical Trade.